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We are a forward thinking design studio at the cutting edge of innovation for the future of building and our environment. Our philosophy is to re-think construction through design excellence and embrace the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with Circular Economy design principles that will improve air quality to create healthy feel good spaces that will regenerate social skills, and provide mindful, positive wellbeing as we head towards a Net Zero Carbon future. Space to allow freedom. Space to enjoy living, working, leisure and play. Space to make an architectural statement within an exciting and stimulating environment.

The Stuart Duckett Design Studio was originally established in 1987 when architectural and construction services were offered to assist individual self build housing projects. The range of services soon expanded to include small private developer Clients and a reputation was gained for specialising in quality, individually designed housing. Commissions also included commercial, leisure and hospitality projects where Stuart was able to tailor the design services with the same creative vision as his domestic projects. The studio also has experience in the design and completion of domestic and leisure projects that embrace the latest energy saving technology such as heat pumps, photovoltaics, heat recovery and rainwater harvesting. The use of domestic fire sprinkler systems has also been used in several projects, allowing design freedom through a Fire Engineering approach whilst at the same time ensuring the utmost protection for building occupants and the building fabric.

With a wealth of experience in architectural design and site construction, Stuart offers a personal and friendly approach from concept to completion, assisting Clients to build a team that will give design value and ensure a successful quality project. The work of the studio ranges from small home extensions through to larger commercial projects and includes the design of buildings, interiors, landscapes, product design and graphics. With the latest communication technology a team of ‘virtual assistants’ can be assembled for any project, led by the studio and working together to give a truly integrated design.

The continuous pursuit of quality ensures the studio provides a high standard of presentation and service to all projects, keeping up to date with the latest design trends, fashion, materials and technology, pushing creative boundaries in the pursuit of something uniquely different.

The studio is also working in collaboration with our sister company Rediviva Limited on the design of innovative solutions for E-Mobility Charging and the Re-Purpose of waste materials.

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